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Requesting Oral Pathology slides, blocks and patient reports

Minnesota law is more restrictive when it comes to HIPAA requirements. The State of Minnesota prohibits sharing of patient information for treatment purposes among providers from different organizations, unless:

The patient signs an authorization that permits sharing

It’s an emergency situation where the patient is unconscious, or is being referred to an emergency room (constant pain is not considered an emergency)

Treatment is at another facility that is within the same healthcare entity

If you are requesting Oral Pathology Laboratory materials (including pathology reports) to be sent to another institution, a patient Release of Records Authorization form must be completed and sent to us.

Release of Records Authorization Form (in .docx form)

New Practice Registration

  • Free Biopsy kits and specimen shipping/mailing.
  • Online specimen submission and reporting
  • Specimen reporting within 48 hours of specimen receipt. (With exceptions for cases that require Immunohistochemistry, Special Staining, Decalcification, or other advanced testing)
  • Billing directly to the patient or medical insurance carrier

To become a new client of the Oral Pathology Laboratory complete this form. You will receive confirmation of your registration within two (2) business days and biopsy kits will be mailed to your practice. You will also receive information regarding accessing and using our secure website for submitting specimens and getting results. If you a require registration and/or a kit immediately – please call 612-626-6424 for expedited set up.

Physician/Dentist Registration

If your facility is an existing client of the Oral Pathology Laboratory and would like to register a new physician or dentist, please complete this form. You will receive confirmation of your registration within two business days.

Immunofluorescence Testing

Support for Direct and Indirect Immunofluorescence testing is available through a separate laboratory. Information is available upon request.

Patient Management

Our pathologists are also available to discuss patient management.  Please see our contact page for more info. 

Patients may also be referred to the Oral Pathology Clinic for management by a specialist here at the University of Minnesota. To refer a patient to the Oral Pathology Clinic, please fax a referral form to 612-626-0427 or call scheduling at 612-626-3233.

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