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Pay for invoices made with our outgoing payment system that has five-digit account numbers on your invoice.

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Pay for Eight-Digit and 'B' Account IDs

Pay for invoices in our new payment system that uses longer, eight-digit account numbers or may have the letter 'B' in your account ID.

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We are committed to price transparency. Please see our fee schedule and contact us with any questions.

Good Faith Estimate

As part of the Federal Government’s No Surprises Act, uninsured (or self-pay) individuals are entitled to a good faith estimate. This estimate is only for Oral Pathology Laboratory related fees. Estimates do not include expected charges from other providers (oral surgeons, dentists, x-rays, etc.). You may request a good faith estimate from our billing department, in advance of your procedure, by calling 612-624-4968.


Oral Pathology services are billed to Medical Insurance if it is provided. If you have any questions about a bill that you have received, please contact our billing department at 612-624-4968.

Questions about Results:

Pathology results are more meaningful when interpreted in the context of each individual medical history.  We encourage patients to discuss the results of their biopsy with the provider who performed the biopsy procedure.  Please contact your provider for a follow-up visit to discuss results.

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